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British Lung Foundation

Leading the fight against lung disease.

British Skin Foundation

Leading the fight against skin disease and skin cancer

Alzheimer's Research UK

The National Brain Appeal

Epilepsy Research UK

SUDEP Action

JDRF the type 1 diabetes charity

Brain Research UK

Parkinson's UK

We're the Parkinson's charity that drives better care, treatments and quality of life.

The Migraine Trust

We are the largest research and support charity for people affected by migraine in the UK.

Spinal Research

MND Association

Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

Epilepsy Society

Epilepsy Society's vision is to make possible a future where epilepsy will be treated effectively

Autistica and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) UK

British Thyroid Foundation

Helping thousands of people living with thyroid disorders across the UK

Action Duchenne

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a rare genetic muscle wasting condition

Spinal Injuries Association

Every year in the UK over 1,000 people experience a spinal cord injury

Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK

Offering Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow for the SMA community in the UK


The first and only global patient-led charity for people with Functional Neurological Disorder

The British Sjögren’s Syndrome Association (BSSA)

Supporting people with Sjögren’s Syndrome

CLAPA - Cleft Lip & Palate Association


British Tinnitus Association

13% of UK adults have tinnitus.That’s around 8 million people with a recurrent noise in their head or ears

MS Research

Dedicated to furthering our understanding of MS

Overcoming MS

We can self-manage MS better, together.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign

Scleroderma and Raynaud's UK

Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK is the only charity dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by Scleroderma and Raynaud’s

Arthritis Action

Founded in 1942, Arthritis Action is the only UK charity giving hands-on, practical help

Ashford & St. Peter’s NHS Hospitals Charitable Fund

Supporting patients and the NHS staff who look after them, living in the boroughs of Runnymede, Spelthorne, Woking and parts of Elmbridge, Hounslow, Surrey Heath and beyond.

LAM Action

LAM is an incurable lung disease affecting women. LAM Action can use your lungs to help them.

Thrombosis UK

Thrombosis UK is dedicated to promoting awareness, research & care of thrombosis

Breathing Matters

The charity has been set up to raise awareness and to work with patients to help find a cure

Revive MS Support

A charity dedicated to the support of everyone living with Multiple Sclerosis

brainstrust, the brain cancer people

Nerve Tumours UK


MSA Trust

The Multiple System Atrophy Trust is the only charity in the UK dedicated to providing support and information

British Liver Trust

The British Liver Trust is the leading UK charity for adults with all types of liver condition