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Meningitis Now

We exist to save lives and rebuild futures

Epilepsy Society

Epilepsy Society is the UKs leading medical epilepsy charity

Huntington's Disease Association

We're here to help people affected with Huntington's disease to live a better life.

The National Brain Appeal

Funding advances in neurology and neurosurgery.

Spinal Research

Leading charity funding medical research to develop treatments for paralysis

Alzheimer's Research UK

Epilepsy Research UK

Diabetes UK

Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.

The Cure Parkinson's Trust

Building momentum towards a cure.

British Lung Foundation

Leading the fight against lung disease.

British Skin Foundation

Leading the fight against skin disease and skin cancer

Thrombosis UK

Brain Research UK

SUDEP Action

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Fighting muscle wasting conditions

JDRF the type 1 diabetes charity

The Haemophilia Society

Arthritis Action

The Royal Osteoporosis Society

MSA Trust

MS Research

Dedicated to furthering our understanding of MS

brainstrust, the brain cancer people

Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK

Offering Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow for the SMA community in the UK

The British Sjögren’s Syndrome Association (BSSA)

Supporting people with Sjögren’s Syndrome

CLAPA - Cleft Lip & Palate Association

British Tinnitus Association

We want a world where no one suffers from tinnitus.

British Thyroid Foundation

Helping thousands of people living with thyroid disorders across the UK

Spinal Injuries Association

Breathing Matters

Fighting Pulmonary Fibrosis and lnfection

Ehlers-Danlos Support UK


We fight EB, the worst skin condition you've never heard of

BRACE Alzheimer's Research

Nerve Tumours UK

Terrence Higgins Trust

The Anaphylaxis Campaign

British Liver Trust

Scleroderma and Raynaud's UK