The British Sjögren’s Syndrome Association (BSSA)

The British Sjögren’s Syndrome Association (BSSA) aims to raise awareness of Sjögren’s Syndrome and support research into its cause and treatment. As a self-help organisation, we are dedicated to providing support and information to individuals affected by the disease.


Sjögren’s Syndrome is a chronic, autoimmune condition of unknown cause. It typically affects women in their 40’s and above, although up to 10% of cases occur in men and it is also seen in younger people. It affects one in 2000 women in the UK.


Patients classically experience drying eyes and mouth along with mental and physical fatigue and joint pain. Other features include salivary gland swelling, joint inflammation, skin rashes, nerve inflammation, inflammatory lung disease and a 5-10% lifetime risk of malignant lymphoma. Sjögren’s Syndrome is a chronic condition needing long term management.


There may be a delay of up to ten years from symptom onset to diagnosis and many patients remain undiagnosed. There is no cure and treatments that are currently available are only partially effective. Please help us to help those suffering with this debilitating and distressing disease.

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