Cycle for charity 2017

Looking to cycle for charity in 2017? Then listen up, because you couldn’t have a greater choice of good causes to pump the pedals for.

Since the excitement of London’s 2012 Olympics, the number of people in the British Isles taking up cycling has ramped up to a real biking boom. With more charity cycling events than ever before, for both fledgling and fully-fledged cycling enthusiasts, it’s never been easier to sign up and get fundraising.

If you’re tentatively looking to take up cycling as your next challenge, you’re in luck, because it’s definitely on the low-maintenance end of the spectrum. All you need is a bike, then you’re ready to ride out on roads and cycle paths virtually all year round. This makes cycling a super-appealing option for many of us, especially if you’ve got other demands on your time.

There are tonnes of great off-road trails and paths all over the UK to train on, whether you live in the city or out in the country. Plus if you need that extra motivator, chances are there’ll be a cycling club near you who can help make training fun and sociable.

There are a wealth of organised rides and cycling events on offer, making cycling for charity a challenge that’s easy to take on. Even more so thanks to our Cycle For Charity calendar, which lists all the best events for 2016 listed, so you can pick one to suit you.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get cycling for charity today!