Charity Cycling: Planning for your challenge

From the big-name cycles to local rides hosted by community cycling clubs, the UK has hundreds of cycling events to offer throughout the year.

Unlike running events which can sell out in a flash, most cycling events do not sell out, and it’s pretty easy to get a spot in almost every event.

At we always recommend you buy your own place in a cycling event if you have decided to cycle for charity. This will not only will save you time, but it will also help the charity to save money.

Cycling is an all-weather event that you can do all year round, and for that reason there are plenty of events and rides to sign up for from January right up until the end of December.

Here are our top two ways to start planning to cycle for charity…

One: Decide which charity you want to raise money and awareness for

If you’re not sure where to start, have a think about what matters to you, the causes close to your heart, or what you’re passionate about. Finding the right sporting challenge for you might be your priority, with the idea of supporting a charity while you’re at it an added bonus.

Once you have found your charity, go straight to our ‘find a charity’ page. Here you can search for charities by type, and view their profiles to see which events they have planned for the year.

Alternatively, you can reach out to chosen charity to find out about any cycling events it might have in the pipeline, or that it can recommend.

Two: Search for an event by using our cycling calendar

Our cycling calendar is a fantastic tool that helps you search for all charity events, with the option to filter by month, type of cycling ride or by location.

Cycling for charity couldn’t be easier. However it does take some planning, especially if you are looking to cycle over 100 miles, a number of days, or to take part in an international cycling event.

Give yourself a good six months’ grace to get stuck into your training, building up the miles, and to give yourself time to meet your fundraising target.