No bake cereal bars

This snack is perfect for the busy runner because it is specifically designed to be easy to make and, more importantly, super easy to store for a long period of time.

The cereal bars are frozen and can stay frozen until needed. Nutritionally, they are packed full of fast, intermediate and slow release carbohydrates, as well as great, healthy fats (from the peanut butter and seeds) and protein (from the cottage cheese), making them an ideal anytime snack.


100g oats
10g natural bran
10g pumpkin seeds
25g chopped prunes
25g sultanas
5g cinnamon
100g mashed banana
10g cocoa powder
20g, almonds whole
25g honey
50g peanut butter
50g cottage cheese 
1 tsp almond extract


-Mix all ingredients (other than almonds) in a mixing bowl or (ideally) a food processor
-Stir in almonds by hand
-Spoon into a cake tin or ideally a flexible/silicone mould
-Place in freezer until frozen solid - at least 3 hours