Marmite Beef Stir Fry

Try this unusual twist on a classic meal. A good dollop of Marmite is mixed in with the beef giving the dish that characteristically salty ‘bite’, combining perfectly with the various crunchy veg in this recipe, including asparagus, which is a rich source of B-vitamins, folates and antioxidants. Served with a good portion of energy dense brown rice, this is a great meal for runners to have up their sleeves.

150g beef strips
5g coconut oil
10g marmite

- heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan and add the beef strips
- when the beef has browned slightly spoon on the marmite and mix through - continue cooking until beef is fully cooked

100g carrots
1g splenda
50g asparagus
50g courgette
50g red pepper
8g ginger, paste
1 chilli
10g peanuts
5g sesame oil
5g rice vinegar
5g liquid amino
10g sesame seeds

- steam veg
- add to a wok and mix through seasoning

100g brown rice

Serve and enjoy!