Healthy Breakfast : Porridge

Cycling isn’t as easy as it looks and we know what you are thinking, ‘porridge is porridge is porridge, right?’. Wrong! There are endless combinations of great tasting, healthy ingredients that can turn a simple bowl of porridge into a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

This rocket fuel is great to look forward after that early morning cycle or as a light snack in the day if you are training in the evening.

This particular recipe offers a combination of fast, intermediate and slow release carbohydrates, along with a great amount of healthy fats as well as vitamin-packed, antioxidant-rich fresh fruit.


100g oats / oatmeal
25g of dried fruit (such as dates, sultanas or figs)
25g of nuts (such as Brazil nuts, walnuts or pecans)
25g of seeds (such as flax seeds, chia seeds or pumpkin seeds)
400ml of milk or water

Fresh fruit (such as sliced banana, sliced apple or blueberries)
Yoghurt or fromage frais
Honey or maple syrup

- mix all of the porridge ingredients in a microwave safe dish
- cook on highest setting for 1 minute
- remove, stir and cook for a further 90 seconds
- add your choice of toppings

Top Tip
To increase the protein content of this breakfast, you can add an unflavoured whey protein powder to the oats / oatmeal. You may not notice the difference, but your body will!