Cyclist's recovery flapjack

This innovative twist on a classic snack is both simple to make and incredibly Moorish. It is also healthy and ideal for cyclists; the slow-releasing energy of the oats will combine with the fast release of energy provided by the dates, sultanas and goji berries to aid you recovery after a race or a training session.

There is also a controlled amount of ‘good’ fat, whilst the banana is a great source of potassium, which can help prevent muscle cramps on thoese long rides.

200g oats
35g sultanas
150g yoghurt
2 eggs
35g goji berries
40g flax seed
40g chopped dates
1/2 banana
50g peanut butter
130g cream cheese

- pre-heat oven 180C
- mix all ingredients in a large bowl or (ideally) in a food processor
- spoon the mixture into a square cake mould (9” x 9”)
- bake for 15mins