Understand The Food You Eat

As a cyclist who has decided to take up the challenge of cycling for a charity (in fact, this is true for anyone) the first step when it comes to diet and nutrition is to understand what is actually going into your body.

This article is not about what your diet should be made up of, rather, it helps you make a conscious effort to educate yourself about the food you eat and look beyond the advertising and marketing of food products at what is actually in them.

Starting to educate yourself could not be easier and to help you on this journey Sport For Charity has teamed up with the experts at Fresh Fitness Food. They have offered to answer any diet or nutritional questions that our users may have.  We also recommend reading the nutrition labels on food, understanding the government / NHS traffic light system used for food labelling and reading through / participating in forums and discussion boards around topics of interest. Google is a fantastic tool for any questions or concerns you may have. Simply type a question into the search bar and you will literally get hundreds of different answers.

Closely connected to this education process is the need to distinguish between what food companies and retailers are telling you about a particular product and what that product actually provides. The most obvious example is the thousands of low-fat foods that imply they are great for weight management and general health, but actually have the opposite effect because of the high sugar content. This is obviously not shouted about by the companies that manufacture there food but always good to bear in mind.

At the end of the day, you are what you eat and we always recommend that you read the label.