Training: speed play

It’s important to vary the pace of your training for your charity cycle. If you push yourself too hard every time, you risk injury and burnout. It’s better to pepper your training with less strenuous rides in amongst the really tough ones, so that you are still training but also allowing your body to recover at the same time.

Have a few easy routes on standby for leisurely rides you can do at the drop of a hat. Use these rides to enjoy the scenery. You’re not trying to push yourself here, so try not to time yourself otherwise it is very hard to resist the temptation to pedal faster!

Steady paced rides are slightly more difficult than easy rides, but still not overly challenging so again avoid timing yourself. Perhaps the route may be slightly longer, or involve a difficult track or a few hills to get your heart rate up just a little.

Rides at your comfortable limit: These rides are the ones that will really challenge you. Be careful and listen to your body, and always ride at your comfortable limit, not beyond it. You should be breaking some serious sweat on these rides, whether you’re burning it up the hills or pushing yourself to cycle flat out on the flat.

Training: speed play