Training: on flat terrain

It may sound like the cyclists ideal terrain, a perfectly flat road with no tricky uphill’s. Flat terrain is also a perfect training ground as you prepare for your cycle for charity event. Look out for a flat section of road or track that you can cycle along for around 5 minutes straight.

Instead of cycling up and down a hill, where the intensity is increased for you, this time you control it. You will need a stopwatch, speedometer or similar to enable you to time yourself as you cycle intervals along your chosen flat section.

First of all, alternate between riding for 4-5 minutes flat out, with 2 minute recovery periods of slower riding. This will get your heart rate racing and is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your training if you are reaching a plateau.

When you are used to this, change up the intervals. Instead of the longer intervals, try 30 second bursts, or 1 minute bursts with the same amount of time for a slower paced recovery period. This is a fantastic way to train and you will notice a big improvement in your fitness in a relatively short period of time.

Training: on flat terrain