Training: long rides

When you are training for your cycle for charity event, fitting in a long bike ride once a week can really help build your endurance and stamina ahead of the race day. Embarking on a lengthy bike journey can be daunting if you’ve never cycled more than a few miles in one go, but it is totally achievable with our tips on how to train for a lengthy cycling journey.

Progression is a fundamental part of any training program and this is no exception. Gradually increase the distance you are cycling week by week, planning a route that takes you slightly further afield every time. If you live near a big park, woodland with good cycle tracks, or a lake, then this could be really useful in increasing your route as you can add extra laps. However it is good to vary the route, and covering a lot of distance, such as cycling to a faraway landmark will give you a real confidence boost and sense of achievement as you see your training progress.

Pace yourself: You shouldn’t be pushing yourself to the limits in this type of training. It’s all about covering the distance, and not burning out too soon. This will really help you on race day. It’s all very well to sprint off the start line at full pelt, but you’ve got a long way to go and you don’t want to start flagging.

Check out local council websites, forestry commission, and cycling clubs for ideas on routes and you might even find organised rides you can join in on.

Training: long rides