Mudguards for bikes

Mudguards may not be top of your list for bike accessories once you have signed up to cycle for charity, but they could save you from a soaking or mud splattering if you cycle through wet conditions.

So whilst your bike may not look quite as cool, you will arrive looking a lot slicker than if you were splattered with all the muck off the road! They range from the bare essentials to complete coverage, depending on your personal preference.

Unfortunately with most charity cycling events being in the summer it means that you will have to do most of your training in the winter or the wetter parts of the year. All bikes can be fitted with mudguards that offer full protection, so you can head straight into the pub at the end of your ride without being covered in muck!

More importantly, mudguards can protect your face from an unexpected blast of mud or water so they are also a safety feature. If you are riding a mountain bike through rough terrain this is a must have. Although mudguards aren’t always the easiest things to fit, particularly if you opt for close-fitting road bike mudguards but once on, they will do their job effectively. You can also opt for clip-on/clip-off styles.

Mudguards are one of the cheaper bike accessories, with prices ranging from £2 to £50. Some of the best brands include CycraGuard, SKS, Topeak and Zefal.