Lights for bike

Lights are another essential piece of kit for riding safely and with confidence. It is also a legal requirement to have lights if you are cycling after dark, so they really are a must. They serve equally to light your way, and to ensure you are visible to other road users, particularly vehicle drivers so they also come into their own in bad weather like rain or fog. If you are cycling for charity add a decent pair of lights to basket.

LED lights offer the best brightness, and some offer flashing functionality to help increase visibility. This is particularly good for rear lights. On the front you may want to consider having two lights, one flashing and one continuous beam to allow you to see and be seen as much as possible.

The cheapest bike lights are battery powered and will give you about 30 hours running time. It’s obviously important to factor in the ongoing costs of replacing the batteries, and they need testing regularly to ensure you don’t run out of juice!

Dynamo lights charge themselves, with no batteries so you have a single outlay. They may not be quite so bright as the high power LED lights, so you may want to consider adding an extra light on. Whilst traditional lights are mounted on the front and rear of your bike frame using clamps, you can now also get helmet-mounted lights to increase your visibility even more. These head beams may not do much for your street cred but if they save you an accident it’s worth it!

Some of the best light brands are cateye, Niterider, Blackburn ad Lezyne. Prices range from just £5 to an amazing £700!