Cycling Shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes for you charity cycle is really down to personal preference.

Normal trainers are fine but if you want to maximise your performance and get a good time you will need to use toe clips, you’ll find that they dramatically improve your ride performance. They allow you to benefit as you power the ‘up stroke’ as well as the ‘down stroke’ but can take a little while for new riders to get used too.

If you don’t want to clip in, then avoid trainers with smooth soles. You want as much grip on your pedals as possible. You also want to look for a trainer with a stiffer sole than you may think, to give your feet the support they need. If your shoes are too flexible you can begin to get aches and pains in your arches.

We recommend going and trying on a few different types to get a feel for what works best for you. Good bike shops will have experts on hand to advise for your specific needs. Don’t rule out clip in shoes and pedals- why not give them a test on a friend’s bike or in a shop?

Expect to pay anything between £35 to £380, depending on how much use you plan to get out of them. Good brands include Specialized and Shimano, Bont, Giro, Mavi, Northwave, O'Neal, Five Ten, Teva and Suplest. All Brands make shoes for men and women and for different types of rides including Road, Mountain, Flats, Touring and even shoes for the winter.