Cycling pump and repair kit

If you decided to cycle for charity, you are about to embark on a journey that will require you to do some serious training miles on your bike. You will need to pump up your tyres on a regular basis as so it’s really important to keep them in top condition. A good pump and puncture repair kit are essential tools to keep you going. Poorly inflated tyres will have a surprising effect on your performance so it is well worth checking them regularly and keeping them topped up.

There are two types of valves for bike wheels: Presta or Schrader. Bike pumps either fit one or both types, so if you are unsure choose a pump, which will work for both. This is also the best option if you have different bikes in your household and just want to have one pump to look after them all.

There are two types of bike pumps: A floor pump which is the absolute best at-home pump, and the hand held pump which while it will require more elbow grease to inflate your tyres, is portable. It’s worth having one of each so that you can get your tyres to high pressure before you set off, and carry a small lightweight hand-held pump to deal with any problems en-route. The Toepak Joe Blow pump costs around £30 and is an excellent foot pump. Portable mini-pumps range from £5 to £80.

If you do encounter a puncture, don’t let it put you off! With a puncture repair kit and pump on hand you’ll be back on the road again in no time. Stick-on or glueless patch puncture repair kits can get you out of trouble and will cost just a few pounds, so they are a precaution worth taking. Tyre liners and tyre sealant come in at around £20 and are a good preventative measure if you’re going through an unlucky streak of punctures- it happens to all of us at some stage!