Sky Rides

Sky rides are really accessible free cycling events which take place in towns and city centres all over the country, courtesy of Sky TV.

You will need to register yourself or your group online but anyone can take part as long as you are on a bike, so you don’t need to worry about being an experienced rider. These little gem of events are great to do as a family, to get a friend involved in cycling, or simply on your own, sky rides are a huge amount of fun and have a fantastic friendly atmosphere as everyone cycles off together.

The routes are all planned out in advance and there’s always loads going on, making it a great day out for the family. You can simply arrive when you like and set off, completing as much or as little of the course as you like. This means they are ideal if you are a new cyclist or family as there’s no pressure of time, you can literally cycle at your own speed and soak up the great atmosphere.

Join hundreds of other cyclists to take over the roads of your local city. It’s a fantastic way to raise money for a charity, have a fun day out and meet lots of fellow cyclists! Traffic is banished so you can ride confidently and undisturbed, it’s a great way to see our urban areas in a different light.

There are also more rural scenic cycling routes to take part in in Sky Ride Local Rides, which follow the same principle but are guided by British Cycling Ride Leaders, who do all the hard work of planning the route for you! Check out the cycling calendar or read our cycling event reviews to find out your nearest Sky ride.