London to Paris Cycle - Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

London to Paris Cycle - Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

19th April 2017 ‐ 23rd April 2017

The London to Paris charity cycle is a great experience and a fabulous challenge. Cycling over 5 days you will cover nearly 500km. A challenge like this is not just about distances covered and start and finishing points, the bike ride is about group effort, friendship and more importantly spirit.

Charity treks and cycles bring together a vast array of people from many different back grounds, each with their own reasons for taking up the challenge and fundraising stories. Over the five days you'll meet likeminded people, swap stories and ideas and find new friends all while completing a truly wonderful cycle ride.

The physical side of the trip is sometimes a worry for people who may not have cycled much before signing up or who believe themselves to be out of shape. Each ride is designed to ensure that everyone can take part and everyone completes what they started. With some ground work covered at home before the trip you will be more than capable of achieving the distances covered each day and the group spirit will certainly keep you going if times get hard.

Out en route everyone is accompanied by support vehicles and Skylines London to Paris reps so there is never any danger of being left behind and just to reiterate this is certainly not a race. Plenty of water stops are provided to ensure your good health along the route as we cycle during the summer months.

Each night the group will stay in hotels and eat together which provides some rest and relaxation time and space to socialise with the people who you are cycling with.

The route is planned to ensure that you see as much of the countryside as possible, there are notable landmarks to look out for and you'll see a side of both rural England and France that you may not have experienced before. Small country roads, World War battlefields, historic towns, gothic churches and river side routes all make up part of this exciting trip so if you're looking for a summer challenge or a fundraising event with a difference then the London to Paris bike ride is for you!