Yandisa Foundation

"The Yandisa Foundation is a CIO – Foundation, incorporated in 2021 and registered with the British charity commission in 2023. The Yandisa Foundation, with the support of the Seed Fund, an NPO and PBO, registered in August 2017, provides educational grants to Yandisa and Bulelwa, two young girls, living in an informal settlement in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. Through our membership programme, donations and fundraising efforts, the Foundation has secured funding to provide educational support in the form of paying school fees, tutoring costs and day-to-day ancillary costs to alleviate some of pressures of rural living.

The Yandisa Foundation aims to nurture and provide for our beneficiaries’ until they are equipped to stand on their own feet. It is this hands-on approach which we believe sets us apart.

Our vision is to grow our base of beneficiaries in order to change and empower young lives in South Africa through the gift of quality education. In uplifting the children, we believe we can uplift an entire community – adding to the economy and alleviating poverty and crime."

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