Women for Refugee Women

"Women for Refugee Women supports women who are seeking safety from war, persecution, gender-based and sexual violence, rape and other torture, to rebuild their lives.
A woman who joins our network will find a welcoming, supportive and friendly space in which she can meet other women and begin to rebuild her life, whether that be through speaking her first words of English, or leading campaigns for a more compassionate asylum system.
Our network helps to combat the isolation faced by women seeking safety and creates pathways for women to rebuild their lives however they choose to. Our programme of creative and educational activities, such as English classes, drama, or yoga, supports women to build their confidence and develop their skills. Whereas our campaigning groups support women to become leaders, speak out and advocate for change. Most importantly, our network is a place for women to heal, connect and thrive. As ‘Marie’, a member of our drama group, told us: “Drama makes me feel loved. I feel happy. I’m not lonely anymore.”

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