We are WeSeeHope. We are an international development organisation committed to creating sustainable change for vulnerable children in Southern and Eastern Africa through education, child rights and economic empowerment programmes.

We exist to support children who are acutely impacted by lack of opportunity, isolation and exploitation through community-led and skills-based initiatives. Our aim is that they have the skills to change their own futures and that their families and communities are able to support them along the way.

Today, our seven programmes are delivered by a network of 15 in-country partners across Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe, in 142 communities where they are most needed due to issues such as high levels of poverty, HIV and AIDs, and orphanhood. Through them, this year we are directly impacting 48,000 vulnerable children, 14,000 parents and guardians, and 2,000 local community volunteers.
Since being founded in 2000, we have created sustainable change for hundreds of thousands of children, helping them and their families access education, protect their rights and economically empower themselves in their homes and communities.

To date, we have collaborated with 106 partners across 13 countries in Africa, running programmes in over 2,000 communities. Cumulatively, we have reached over 675,000 children and young people, and 90,000 parents, guardians and community volunteers.

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