The Oasis Centre

The Oasis Centre is a lifeline to hundreds of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in one of the most deprived areas in the UK; including the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, those struggling with addiction, mental health, families living on benefits and the long-term unemployed.

We are a day centre providing holistic support - helping people struggling with exploitation, crushing debt, mental health difficulties, physical and sexual abuse, self-harm, disability, serious illness, drug and alcohol abuse, immigration and asylum issues, poverty and hunger, eviction and homelessness, and domestic violence.

At the Oasis Centre we provide free meals, emergency food packs for families, clothing via our low-cost charity shop, crucial crisis support, education and career advice. Our five programmes of support aim to stabilise individuals,helping them to re-engage with society by moving them from isolation to inclusion; helping to re-build their lives by moving clients from a place of chaos to stability; helping to re-skill by moving people from hopelessness to aspiration and to a point where they can re-start and move from worklessness to employment. We also have a volunteering scheme in our shop and café where people can gain experience to help them become work-ready.

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