The Mulberry Bush Organisation

"The Mulberry Bush, established as a school in Standlake in 1948, is celebrating 75 years of making a difference to people who are born into challenging life circumstances facing trauma, abuse and neglect as children. They find themselves with severe social, emotional and mental health issues with poor life chances. We aim to enhance the quality of care, education, and health provision for these people across the UK and abroad, interrupting the generational pattern.

At our school, we provide a form of integrated therapeutic care, treatment, and education, offering 52-week and 38-week placements for each child in a residential family care setting.

Through Outreach and Consultancy, we provide a range of specialist services aimed at breaking the cycle for increasing numbers of people that need our help.

The Mulberry Bush is making a profound and lasting impact on the lives of people who have been troubled and traumatised as children."

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