The Galilee Foundation

The Galilee Foundation is a UK registered charity established in 2007 to support the Palestinian indigenous community living in Israel through educational and cultural initiatives. In 2019, thanks to the success of our Scholarship Programme and due to the growing need in the West Bank, we expanded our work to also benefit disadvantaged Palestinian students in the Palestinian Occupied Territories .


Our vision is to contribute to breaking a deeply embedded cycle of poverty and marginalisation by offering financially disadvantaged Palestinian youth the opportunities to access higher education in Palestine/Israel and by supporting civil society initiatives with a focus on education.

The Scholarship Programme is the Foundation’s core project. It is arguably the largest and most comprehensive independent programme available to Palestinian students in the region. Every year, the Galilee Foundation supports 250 Palestinian students with financial, academic, and cultural enrichment. Our programme is unique in that it requires students to also undertake voluntary work which serves the Palestinian community living in Israel and is geared towards re-enforcing Palestinian identity and history. Since its establishment, the Programme has helped over 1,100 Palestinian students attend university and benefit from awareness raising workshops and cultural activities. 

The Galilee Foundation also supports other educational and cultural projects in Palestine/Israel including coding workshops for women in the West Bank.

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