Teach First

Teach First is a national education charity that is working hard to build a fairer education for the country’s most under-served young people. We work with around 1,700 early years, primary and secondary schools on a suite of programmes that empower teachers and school leaders to transform the confidence, self-belief, and aspirations of those children who need it most. In the last 18 years, we have trained over 14,000 amazing teachers and developed passionate school leaders who frequently go above and beyond their call of duty: to date, we have positively impacted over 1.5 million young people across England and Wales. We believe that where you’re from shouldn’t determine where you’re going. And that’s why our work won’t stop until every single child has the chance to realise their full potential. Education in the UK is unfair. But it’s far more unfair for some than others. At Teach First, we’re working hard to level the playing field and ensure that quality education is accessible to all. And we do this in three main ways: recruiting and training great teachers, developing brilliant leaders and ensuring thriving schools with networks and policy work.

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