Support Dogs

Support Dogs is a dedicated to increasing the independence and quality of life for people living with autism, epilepsy and physical disability. We provide, train and support registered assistance dogs to achieve this.  From keeping children safe, to alerting their owners prior to an oncoming seizures, from raising the alarm in emergencies to helping with a huge range of day to day tasks, our support dogs transform the lives of their families.

We specialise in three specific programmes:

Autism assistance dogs for children with autism. The dogs are trained to provide safety for the child and reduce stress in social environments.

Seizure alert dogs for people with epilepsy. Our dogs are trained to provide a 100% reliable, up to 50 minute warning prior to the onset of an epileptic seizure. This enables the client to find safety and be in control over their seizure, allowing a much more independent life.

Disability assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. The client’s own pet dog is trained to perform tasks which are specifically tailored to their individual needs; providing them with greater independence and safety.


Support Dogs’ work across the UK providing its services entirely free of charge to those in need of them. In 2018 4500 individuals and families contacted us for help we are determined to do everything we can to help more and more people.  We rely solely on voluntary donations and without the generosity of our supporters we would simply not be able to continue our work.  


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