JAM is a humanitarian relief and development organisation, founded in South Africa in 1984 by Peter Pretorius. Following his visit to Mozambique and seeing first-hand the hardship and extreme malnutrition of people of all ages walking over 150km to a food distribution centre in Inhambane province, Peter’s life changed. Peter’s visit was scheduled for one day and due to unforeseen circumstances, he stayed for almost two weeks unable to leave. It was there that he made his long-life commitment to help Africa and JAM was born.


See Peter’s story here


With 30+ years’ experience, JAM’s primary commitment is the fight against hunger and malnutrition in Africa. While emergency nutritional interventions remain a critical area of its activities, JAM’s primary focus is on nutritional school feeding in Africa, a programme symbolised by its “Red Bowls”. JAM believes that without education there can be no development. The bowls are filled with 75% of children’s required daily nutrients, which help improve school attendance and overall health and concentration of students at school.


There are thousands of severely malnourished children in Africa that need urgent food and lifesaving treatment. Every £5 donated to JAM will help us feed a child for a month. A one-off donation helps us fill up a tummy. A monthly donation ensures a tummy stays full!


SAM stands for Sever Acute Malnutrition. Children identified with SAM need to be treated with lifesaving nutrition supplies. F-75 and F-100 are therapeutic milk products designed to treat severe malnutrition. F-75 is the "starter" formula used during initial management of malnutrition. As soon as the child is stabilized on F-75, F-100 is used as a "catch-up" formula to rebuild wasted tissues.


Our food and nutrition programmes provide urgent life-saving interventions and direct assistance to meet immediate needs and are tailored to align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), those of No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well Being and Quality Education. These programmes are critical in ensuring long-term sustainable food security and vital in fulfilling JAM’s vision of an Africa that thrives!

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