Firefly International

"Firefly International was founded by Ellie Maxwell, while at Edinburgh University. She established a playgroup in Bosnia as war ended, for Croat, Muslim and Serb children. Firefly is still in Bosnia, but also in Turkey teaching Syrian children, in northern Syria where many families have been displaced by war, and in Palestine.
Firefly is vital in Bosnia where inter-ethnic tensions are rising. Firefly erodes mistrust and supports peacebuilding. Our kindergarten is popular with all ethnicities. Our youth group offers a sambas band, guitar group and film-making. These bring young people from all backgrounds together.
We also teach Syrian children in Turkey, where many refugees from war settled, and in northern Syria. Around 1000 children each month learn reading, writing and STEM subjects. The recent earthquake was devastating. Survivors variously cope with homelessness, bereavement, injury and destitution. Education is a lifeline for children who would otherwise have none.
Firefly also funds a trauma clinic in Gaza. Trained counsellors treat children who live through terrifying events cope with trauma. We cannot remove the memories, but we can reduce the suffering they cause.
Our work with war-affected children is always child-centric. We promise to stay for as long as the children need us."

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