Feed the Minds

We now have over 50 years’ experience running practical education projects, helping mainly women and young adults living in some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities.

Our core UK-based staff team may be small, but as a collective movement – a network of individuals and local partner organisations all over the world – we are big and ambitious and have a huge impact. We are driven to create positive change with one key vision:

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilled life – spiritually, emotionally and materially – away from poverty and discrimination in all its forms.

Why education?

Whether you have literacy skills or not has nothing to do with your level of intelligence or hard work. It has to do with the opportunities you had or didn’t have. Often, people with no literacy skills – being able to read, write and count – live in poverty. They are also the most marginalised within already marginalised communities.

Literacy is a toolbox that facilitates further education and which we need in order to navigate our lives. It can therefore help people to better take part in our adult education projects and then to learn skills that will stay with them forever, whatever happens, making our impact longer lasting.

We believe access to further education gives people the resources they need to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. For example, it means being able to learn practical and vocational skills to increase your confidence and income; it means being able to learn about your Human, Civil and Political rights so you can better protect yourself from discrimination and become engaged in your community’s development; and it means being able to learn life-saving health knowledge so you can better take care of yourself and your family.

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