Dig Deep

"Dig Deep's purpose is to transform the provision of clean water, sanitation and good hygiene in Bomet County - one of the most challenging and least resourced areas in Kenya. It takes an integrated approach to all its work, using partnerships, education, training and advocacy to create sustainable change for Bomet’s 1 million residents.

So far, Dig Deep has reached over 200,000 people in Kenya with clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene since 2007. This is just the start, it is now scaling up to reach the entire county of Bomet. Dig Deep knows it can be part of the long term solution because it has used its experience on the ground to design and roll out locally appropriate approaches, build partnerships with MPs in the Parliament of Kenya and become the first international charity to have a direct co-funding agreement with the national government’s grassroots Constituency Development Fund."

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