CHUMS Charity

Since 1997, CHUMS has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality, innovative services that are accessible, compassionate, and effective, transforming children & young people’s lives and their emotional wellbeing for the better.
Our vision & mission is for a world where children and young people receive a person-centred, integrated, and responsive mental-health service that enables them to:
Thrive – living positive, fulfilling lives.
Develop resiliency to manage the challenges they face.
Access barrier-free mental-health support & advice when they need it.
We work towards this through the delivery of our services:
Trauma Service
Bedfordshire Suicide Bereavement Service (BSBS)
Recreational Therapeutic Service
Babyloss Bereavement Service
Disability Friendship Scheme in Luton
Supporting children and young people is at the heart of everything CHUMS does. We are passionate about supporting as many children and young people as we can and our services support the family as a whole wherever possible.

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