Be Kind Movement

Be Kind Movement (BKM) promotes the development of emotional intelligence skills in children and young people through the education of Kindness and using the medium of film.


BKM believes that educating the hearts and minds of children and young people through the development of Emotional Intelligence skills is critical in preparing them for the challenges they face as children today and as adults tomorrow. This means embedding very early on a culture of kindness in young minds to encourage them to consider how kindness (or lack of it) can impact the world around them including their peers, friends, families, and the wider community.


Our 3Es
The Kindness Framework, rooted in the values of entertaining, educating and empowering, underpins the charity’s Kindness in School Programme (KISP). Our goal is to create future generations of emotionally intelligent children and young people who can influence their workplaces, family lives, and communities in the principles of compassion, empathy, inclusion gratitude and respect to create a kinder, diverse and fairer world for all.

Our aim is to:

• ENTERTAIN children and young people through the powerful medium of film;
• EDUCATE children and young people on the transformative power of kindness;
• EMPOWER children and young people with emotional intelligence skills for life.

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